Convert leads

With VidMail, convert more leads from your email marketing.

Get replies

Track your replies and, more importantly, actually receive them.

Stand out

VidMail is bringing attention back to your clients inbox.

Easy to use

Creating video content for emails is a breeze with VidMail.

What is VidMail?

VidMail is an video email marketing platform, that enables you to bring your personality into email.

Let us explain how VidMail can change your business

Personal communication and relationship building is key with any business.

VidMail features

See the below features of using VidMail to communicate with your clients.

Branded Email

You can customise the VidMail template with your colors and branding.

Create animated GIFs on the fly

When you create a video using VidMail an animated GIF is used as a preview in the email that gets sent.

Easy to customize

Just upload a logo and choose your color, and you are good to go.


Developers can use our API to connect to your existing CRM database.

Unlimited VidMails

You can send unlimited number of VidMails.

Mobile Design

The VidMails that get sent out are targeted to mobile inboxs.


Track every VidMail that is sent, and see how your open rate increases.

Affiliate Program

Earn real money just by referring people to VidMail.

Looking for a video form solution?

Instant, code-free, video forms. Amplify engagement across industries with CAPTR's seamless, no-code video forms.

Works in any industry

Using VidMail to personally communicate with your clients and future clients fits any business that requires a personal touch.

Real Estate




Small Business



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  • VidMail branding on email
  • Banner ads
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Pro Subscription

$ 22 per month
  • Customised Branding
  • Utilize our API for Integration with your current CRM
  • Bulk Vidmails with groups
  • No Ads
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